Assignment 1 – Portfolio Blog

Project 1 consists of one assignment intended to build your web editing skills. All assignments use WordPress and other online tools.

Portfolio Blog

A Personal Portfolio Blog for displaying your work and your design rationales.

You will be using to create your blog. This will be a semester long assignment. You will be posting homework, design rationals, and assignments to your blog throughout the course of the semester.

Blog to do list:

  • If you don’t yet have a account create one.
  • Create a New Blog for this class.
  • Pick a theme, and customize it.
  • Make sure to delete the default first post.
  • If your blog theme has an About Page, write about yourself.
  • If your blog has a header image customize it!
  • Make sure your full name and the name of the class are clearly visible in the blog heading.
  • Send me an email with the link to your new blog ( ).

This assignment requires that you do independent research on creating a WordPress site.


AT A MINIMUM: You will create a post for every assignment, which will include:

  1. An image of each part of your assignment. The post should have a thumbnail (small version) of your image which, when clicked goes to a bigger version.
  2. A design rationale of no less than 300 words* that covers the following:
  • What were you trying to accomplish with your design decisions?
  • What challenges and problems did you encountered and how did you solved them?
  • What was new for you?
  • What did you enjoy most about the project?
  • What are you most proud of in relation to this assignment?
  • What could you have done had you had more time?

*Communication is a discipline/profession that generally uses word count as a criterion. While academic papers often ask for pages, assignments in this class and in many other communication courses require a specified word count, either as a minimum or maximum.

To determine your word count, it helps to compose your post in Word (MS Office) or Pages (iWork). Your word count will be a measurement at the bottom of your window. The added benefit to this is that if, for some reason, you mess up your blog post, you have a back up copy. Typing live into your blog post leaves you at risk of losing everything if there’s a power outage or the Internet drops.

Portfolio Blog = 20% of final grade


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