The Poster

Concert Poster in InDesign Assignment: Create an 11×17″ concert poster for your favorite band or artist. This is a fictional poster for a real band/artist. Requirements: The venue of the concert is the RWU campus, so research the rules and policies with CEN. You may not use just any photos of the band or band members … Continue reading

Animated Postcard

Using Adobe Photoshop’s animation tools, create an animated postcard from your font poem and collage. Animate the words and letters of your poem using layers. Make your collage the final image. Play continuously. Save as an animated GIF file.

The e-Collage

The word Collage comes from the French word coller, meaning to glue. ____________________________________________________ It usually involves layers of material glued to a piece of canvas or paper. ____________________________________________________ For this assignment you will be creating your collage digitally with Adobe Phototshop. Using your own images and royalty-free material you can find on the Internet, create a … Continue reading

Font Poem

Creating a font poem will introduce you to the typography tools in Photoshop and give you a chance to experiment with typeface or “fonts”. This assignment is borrowed from my colleague Carol Schwalbe. Some things to remember: Your font poem should demonstrate creative use of typography. Minimize the use of special effects; concentrate instead on … Continue reading