The Poster

Concert Poster in InDesign

Assignment: Create an 11×17″ concert poster for your favorite band or artist. This is a fictional poster for a real band/artist.


  • The venue of the concert is the RWU campus, so research the rules and policies with CEN.
  • You may not use just any photos of the band or band members found online… either you have taken the photos yourself or they are available as promotional material from the band’s website. You may also take a widely availably image and, adhering to the principles of “fair use,” change it more than 50% using the techniques you have learned in the previous assignments.
  • Start with a piece of 11×17 paper and do mockups of the poster — I want two diffrent treatments for the same concert, one on each side of the paper.
  • The finished poster will be completed in Illustrator once your mockup has been approved by me.

Things to Consider

  1. For more inspiration, Pinterest is a good place to start; Also read the handout: Poster Composition.
  2. Research. Consider the music of the artist you have selected. What sorts of visuals can you relate to their music? Be sure to answer:  Who, What, When, and Where in the poster. How does one get tickets? What are you offering to bring people to the concert? Relate your design to the target audience and to the location.
  3. Form the concepts. Use Photoshop and Illustrator to complete this project. Create an initial paper mock-up by sketching out rough ideas and collecting images (use scissors and glue); look at similar designs. Create two separate designs of your poster.
  4. Ask for feedback – from your peers and from me. Reflect on your work. How could the concepts be improved?
  5. Revise. Revise and refine your best concept.
  6. Create the poster in Illustrator.

naked_and_famous_poster_by_musikib-d3gc0kn 5442762 DeadKel-Poster2  Occupy-Sandy-Poster vampire_poster_final-2 killers_2.3 shepard fairey black keys new york poster

gig-poster-design-1VW_tennis2 grande_zebra_man_1024x1024  tadfeist_718E563C7

Iconic1966ConcertPoster the-shins jimi-hendrix-concert-poster-11380-hd-wallpapers CREAM_CONCERT_POSTER_by_tomcat72888  The_Shins



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