Music Kiosk Presentation

Create a self-timed presentation in either Powerpoint or Keynote.


Use the band you created you created a poster for. The presentation is comprised of the following:

  • A sound track provided by the artist (pick one of your favorites) .
  • Opening slide with your presentation title, your name and the date
  • An overview slide that has 4-5 bullet points of interesting information about your artist
  • A combination image and text slide with an album cover and the name of the album and the tracks (including track times which should be right aligned)
  • Your poster.
  • A briefe description of your poster and your rational for your design discisions.  Why did you choose the images, fonts, composition, color-pallete, etc. ?
  • A final slide with a collage of images and a link to your artist’s website
  • Give your Powerpoint presentation. Be prepared to talk about the process of creating the presentation: what did you enjor, what did you find difficult, what problems you encountered, how you solved them. This is essentially a summary of the design rationale for your blog posting for this project.
  • No canned backgrounds or themes: Make every element in this presentation carry its informational weight. Make it your own.
  • Presentation should be 5 minuets in length, amounts of time over or under will affect grade
Displaying your kiosk presentation in your blog is a little more complicated. But if you use Vimeo or YouTube it can be done…
You can only attach or embed videos in your public site if you “host” or store the video on another server. Vimeo is one such, YouTube is another. Once you’ve uploaded your .mov (video) file, click on the VIDEO icon (right next to the image icon) in a new post (edit mode) and use the From URL tab. Follow the instructions for Vimeo or YouTube.

Presentations due Thursday March 21st you will give them in class this day.


Design rational and presentation posted on blog Friday March 22nd.


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