30-second Commercial – Stills

Create a 30-second commercial for a non-profit organization or cause…

Use however many still photographs or images of words you need to convey the message. Start with 12 and decrease or increase depending on the tempo you want to set.

Write a script for your voice over …
Have music or ambient sound as well
Use iMovie to pull it all together. Use the links to the HowTo online videos for importing images and sound into your commercial.

Things to think about:

– What kind of “face” are you putting on this cause?
– What’s the “ask”? (the thing you want them to do as a result of seeing your commercial)
– How do you build up to the ask? What logic/evidence do you need to provide to make your argument?
– What “lens” are you using? The speaker? The listener? The subject? Each of this is a perspective or lens… make sure your message is consistent with your perspective/lens.

  1. Create a storyboard of your commercial.
  2. Have the storyboard/concept OK’d by your instructor before you begin production.


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