Current Topics

Current Topics Presentations

This semester I’m teaching two sections of this class. This is the sign up board for the 11:00 am class.

Presentations are scheduled for the first 20 minutes at the beginning of each Thursday’s class starting September 18th. Presentations should focus on the history and the use of the chosen current topic. How is it important or socially relevant? How are consumers using it? How are business using it? If it is an entity or company what is it’s agenda?

To get assigned to a topic, comment on This Post with your name and the topic you want. First comment, first choice. If someone has commented with the topic you wanted, find one that is available. I will fill the names in below as the comments come in, so it will not be a completely installations effect. Please do not assume you have a topic until you see your name next to it.

Date Topic 1 Name Topic 2 Name
7-Feb  Facebook™  Festivals  Isabella Gentile
14-Feb  Election Hacking  Ava Binns  Tumblr™  Emily McDermott
21-Feb  Instagram™  Isabella Gentile  Snapchat™ Chris Bosco
28-Feb  Pinterest™  James Burke  Getty Images™
7-Mar  Square Space Tinder™  Jacquelyn Bertram 
21-Mar  HTML  CSS
28-Mar  Influencers  Amanada Milot  Twitter™  Joanna Hill
4-Apr  Linkedin™  Kaitlin Kowalik  Apps  Rachael Schulman
11-Apr  Google™  Jamie Salkin  Google Docs™  Andrew Hart
19-Nov  Youtube  Alaina Hail  Deepfakes  Ryan ellin
25-Apr  Privacy on the  web  Bryan Donovan  Digital Copyright  Issues  Sierra Gorkun
Two 5 minute oral presentations followed by 5 minutes of Q&A
Format: PREZI
18 Responses to “Current Topics”
  1. Isabella Gentile says:


  2. Chris Bosco says:


  3. Joanna Hill says:


  4. Sierra Gorkun says:

    Sierra – Digital Copyright Issues

  5. Rachael Schulman says:

    Rachael Schulman- apps

  6. Amanda says:

    I’ll take Influencers

  7. Ava says:

    election hacking

  8. kaitlinkowalik says:


  9. Alaina Hail says:


  10. Jamie Salkin says:


  11. Jamie Salkin says:

    jackie b – tinder

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