Map of the Course


Overview of the Course

The focus of this course is usable design of the well-crafted message using print and presentation electronic media with the appropriate tools. While this course develops a working knowledge of print and web-based communication technologies widely used today, including professional use of multi-media, presentation, imaging and layout tools, the emphasis is on PROJECT MANAGEMENT and … Continue reading

Learning Objectives

Every communication starts out with: 1) a message and 2) an intended audience for that message. The challenge for the communicator is to determine which CHANNEL to use and then which TOOL to use to format the message for that channel. In this course students will explore aspects of user-centered design, usability and project management … Continue reading

Required Texts and Materials

I expect you to get and use ALL of the required texts in this class. I will not be teaching you how to use the software you will be learning. The required texts will be doing that, so they are VERY IMPORTANT. Consider yourself fortunate that you do not have to purchase the software as … Continue reading

Grading Policy

Standard Credit (% of Final Grade) Internet Imaging Design Communication Interactive Media Final 20% 15% 15% 15% 15% 20% Grading Calculator RWU does not recognize a grade above an “A” —therefore, an “A” is reserved for OUTSTANDING work. Please view your grades as numerical scores and then use this calculator to determine your RWU letter … Continue reading

Projects & Assignments

COMM 240: Electronic Communication consists of a series of projects that, together, provide you with a portfolio of work that not only shows what you can do, but also shows how you think, solve problems and tackle challenges. There are five projects and a final. Each project concentrates on a particular aspect of digital communication: … Continue reading

Attendance Policy

Keystones to doing well in this class are participation, respect, and doing the work. You will do just fine if you keep the following guidelines in mind: Show up on time (that means be in class and ready to work a few minutes before class) Turn off all cellphones. During class, the Lab computers are … Continue reading

Ethics & Integrity

Definition, Policy and Procedures Roger Williams University exists to foster the mature pursuit of learning, which is premised upon the exercise of honest practice when representing data, findings and the sources of ideas used in an academic exercise. The University expects students to observe these principles of academic integrity which ensure the excellence of their … Continue reading